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Kristin McKirdy at Galerie Jousse Enterprise, Paris

“Untitled,” 2018, by Kristin McKirdy, Ceramic, Variable Dimensions, Photo: Benoit Grellet, Galerie Jousse Enterprise

Galerie Jousse Enterprise is showcasing Kristin McKirdy’s new installations and sculptures, in addition to a mural work, as well as novel forms and textures, and light objects from May 18 through June 23, 2018 at its Paris venue.

“Since her discovery of ceramics at the age of fifteen, Kristin McKirdy has never stopped working. She studied in France (Paris IV, Sorbonne University) and North America (UCLA, under the supervision of Adrian Saxe) and after the completion of her studies she quickly detached herself from the utilitarian dimension of ceramics and headed towards a personal form of sculptural expression. In the same period she chose earthenware (faience) over stoneware, which, like porcelain, is more exposed to the risk of deformation. Her art has been fashioned by putting rigour and technical mastery at the service of a sensibility encompassing the spiritual dimension of ceramics, which is a universal and timeless medium. Everyday life inspires her work and her inclination for primitive cultures and the Neolithic period nurtured them,” writes the gallery.

The gallery says, “For this new show, Kristin McKirdy has enriched her vocabulary with her quest for contasts. The organic forms, the contrasts between textured black and white surfaces and coloured glazes, between rough and smooth, matt and shiny, are very present. Geometric elements and new surface treatments also make their appearance. In the three installations showcased in the gallery, cylinders and cubes assert their presence, and “shells” become cones. Also on view are 3 large stately “hourglasses” present their strict silhouettes, while biconical forms rest on the ground. The hourglasses have different appreances; some have a “scored” skin, while others are covered with volumic spirals. The exhibition also witnesses the artist’s innovation as for the first time she includes light in some of her sculptures. She is also presenting an architectural piece some six feet in height by ten wide. This is an open-work piece formed by the repetition of two opposing figures, a shiny coloured ball and a soft articulated form, which develops a matt “scratched”, predominantly white surface.”

The exhibition is on view through June 23, 2018 at Galerie Jousse Enterprise, 18 Rue De Seine 75006- Paris, France.

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