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Top Art Shows in London This Week: August Sander to Tacita Dean

Antigone, 2018, Tacita Dean, 2 synchronised 35mm anamorphic colour films, optical sound, with a running time of exactly one hour. Film still (detail)
((c) Courtesy the artist, Frith Street Gallery, London and Marian Goodman Gallery, New York/Paris)

An array of new exhibitions opens this week in London from Hauser & Wirth’s show on German photographer August Sander to Tacita Dean’s new work at the Royal Academy of Arts. Blouin Artinfo curates a list of must-see art shows for its readers:


Claerwen James at Flowers Gallery

May 16 through June 23, 2018

British figurative artist Claerwen James paints from photographs. She is known to work with anonymous images from magazines and film stills. Her new work depicts youthful female subjects. James instinctively denies trying to make sense of the photographic moment in narrative terms. Art history echoes through her paintings and the artist draws inspiration from painters such as Corot, Degas and Picasso’s early blue and rose periods.

August Sander. Men Without Masks” at Hauser & Wirth

May 18 through July 28, 2018

The exhibition is dedicated to the late German photographer August Sander. With a career spanning six decades he was considered to be a pioneer of documenting human diversity. Through his photographs Sanders presented a sociological portrait of Germany that included images of its people and the urban and rural landscapes that they were part of. The display features a selection of rare large-scale photographs by Sander made between 1910 and 1931. These paint a sociological picture of the country leading up to and through the Weimar Republic.

Julian Schnabel’s “The re-use of 2017 by 2018. The re-use of Christmas, birthdays. The re-use of a joke. The re-use of air and water.” at Pace Gallery

May 17 through Jun 22, 2018

This is the artist’s first solo exhibition at the gallery and features 12 recent paintings. These works were created using imagery and a painting style that he has refined throughout his career. The artist is known to use a wide range of media and painting surfaces that are not traditionally used. For this series the artist draws his inspiration from 12 calendar prints published by John & Josiah Boydell. These were made by Royal Academy artists William Hamilton (1751–1801) and Francesco Bartolozzi (1727–1815). These were discovered by Schnabel in a second-hand store in New York City.

Katharina Grosse’s “Prototypes of Imagination” at Gagosian

May 16 through July 27, 2018

This is the artist’s first major gallery exhibition in London. In this show Grosse looks at how painting depicts multiple dimensions on one surface. The centre of the show is a single painting of oceanic scale on loose cloth. It is a response to the specific architectural conditions and the artist’s choice of material to execute very large-scale works in the studio. Grosse is known for her in situ paintings in which colour is rendered directly onto architecture, interiors, and landscapes. Her new approach creates a bridge between her studio canvases and the in situ paintings.

Bernard Frize: Blackout in the Grid” at Simon Lee Gallery

May 17 through June 30, 2018

The exhibition features paintings from the artist’s recent series from 1999 to 2008. The juxtaposition of the work on display reflects Frize’s consistency and innovative approach. Throughout his career the French artist has visited and revisited his works. His oeuvre contains interweaving marks which forms the structure of many of his paintings. Frize’s project is if put simply is of reducing painting to its most fundamental elements.

Tacita Dean: LANDSCAPE” at the Royal Academy of Arts

May 19 through August 12, 2018

The show explores the concept of landscape from botany to cosmography, travel to weather. Keeping the traditions of landscape painting in mind artist Tacita Dean has created works for the RA’s new Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Galleries after its redevelopment. This includes a large-scale photogravure, titled “Forty Days,” which is a series of cloud chalk-spray drawings on slate and a monumental blackboard drawing “The Montafon Letter.” Also on view are other works such as “Majesty” (2006) and her clover collection (1973 onwards).


“Kria” by Andreas Eriksson at Stephen Friedman Gallery

Through May 26, 2018

The exhibition features work by the Swedish artist Andreas Eriksson, whose new paintings explore the themes of repetition, the act of looking and the passage of time. The artist is known for his unique way of examining nature and the history of painting. The gallery quoted the artist as saying that this exhibition confronts “the contemporary problem of trying to create something original.”

Karen Kilimnik at SpruthMagers

Through May 26, 2018

The show highlights artist Karen Kilimnik’s work from across four decades. The display consists of an early example of her sculptures and her early drawings. It also features more recent paintings and prints in Kilimnik’s unique dark humorous style. The artist’s varied oeuvre is known for depicting relationships that exist between cultural traditions and art history. She is known for combining figures and motifs from art history and collective memory with cultural references from music, film and media.


“London: 1968” at Tate Britain

Through October 31, 2018

The exhibition marks 50 years since the protests of 1968 and explores how artists responded to this important period in human history. The year saw a series of protests across the globe such as rent and industrial strikes, the Vietnam War, and civil rights movements in Ireland, America and South Africa. On view are agit-prop posters by the Camden Poster Workshop. Inspired by the Atelier Populaire in Paris, between 1968-1971 anyone could commission a poster from the workshop. Also on display are works by artists such as Barry Flanagan, Richard Long, Joseph Beuys and Mario Merz.

Mary Corse at Lisson Gallery

Through June 23, 2018

The Los Angeles-based artist Mary Corse has created an oeuvre that occupies an independent space at the intersection of minimalist painting, Abstract Expressionism and scientific inquiry. Her first solo exhibition in the U.K. will feature 10 works, seven of which are new and which have been created specifically for the show. The display includes a selection from the artist’s “White Black White” and “White Inner Band” painting series, alongside a new lightbox with works spanning from 2003 to 2018.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibitions.

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