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Moving Window Works by Aaron Fowler at New Museum

“Aaron Fowler: Bigger Than Me” 2018, Aaron Fowler Exhibition view: New Museum, New York.
(Photo: Maris Hutchinson / EPW Studio)

Artist Aaron Fowler’s latest exhibition brings together a group of deeply personal works. Relaunching the New Museum’s window series, the show features narratives based on Fowler’s most personal experiences, both real and imagined. The New York museum will host the installation works in the show “Bigger than Me” until July 19, 2018.

Fowler (b. 1988, St. Louis, MO) is known for crafting complex assemblage paintings with the use of discarded found objects and unconventional materials. “Through intuitive layering of castoff furniture, oil and acrylic paint, and collaged elements including CDs, water bottles, iridescent LED lights, car parts, and plastic bags, Fowler meticulously constructs hybrid tableaux infused with a sense of raw urgency,” says the museum. He takes compositional cues from American history paintings and religious iconographies and inserts them into his own personal experiences to create concrete and imagined narratives.

"Bigger than Me" by Aaron Fowler is part of a new series of window installations, which relaunches the program at the New Museum, which originally began in the 1980s.  Two works are set on a background of tiled mirror, these are “Lex Brown Town” (2017) in the left window, and “Miss Logan” (2017-18) in the right. Like many of Fowler’s projects, both of these pieces are reflections on specific individuals who have been sources of inspiration for the artist.

"‘Lex Brown Town’ is an homage to Fowler’s fellow artist, collaborator, and MFA classmate at Yale School of Art, Lex Brown. Deploying materials including shirt­sleeves, hair weave, and a Minions backpack, Fowler portrays Brown in orange, fighting off a wolf. This piece was inspired in part by a perfor­mance she staged at Yale, ‘Run Bambi’ (2016), in which Brown describes finding her way through obstacles including racism and sexism. This composition sits atop nine monitors screening video footage of Fowler collecting Christmas trees as material for his work," the museum says.

"‘Miss Logan,’"  the museum writes, "is a portrait of a young girl whom Fowler believed to have been his own daughter. While DNA tests eventually proved otherwise, the artist felt a strong connection to the child, and began this painting of her as a mermaid the day the two met.”

The title of Fowler’s instal­lation, “Bigger Than Me,” is taken from a song by Detroit-born rapper Big Sean, in which he realizes that his life experiences and motivations to succeed are shaped by higher powers and forces than him alone. Each of Fowler's works featured illustrates a poignant subject or event that holds significance for the artist. The show includes portraits of incarcerated family members, friends lost in acts of violence and imaginary scenarios that incorporates historical figures, role models, and public icons.

The exhibition will be on view through July 19, 2018, the New Museum Of Contemporary Arts, 235 Bowery, New York, NY 10002, USA

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Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the exhibition.

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