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Stedelijk Museum hosts Stefan Tcherepnin’s ‘The Mad Masters’

“Stefan Tcherepnin: The Mad Masters,” 2018, (Installation view)
(Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Photo: Gert Jan van Rooij)

The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, is hosting “Stefan Tcherepnin: The Mad Masters,” the first institutional solo of the American artist and musician Stefan Tcherepnin.

Enter the halls of a twisted “natural” history museum in a bizarre and playful exhibition created by Stefan Tcherepnin.

“The Mad Masters” features an unusual narrative, as four furry creatures are frozen in time in various circumstances.

The exhibition, which is essentially an immersive narrative, portrays an environment of moments frozen in time as experienced by four large monsters. The furry and stuffed monsters are portrayed as approachable creatures rather than scary ones and are presented in ways akin to a display at an imaginary alien natural history museum.

“Their movement is oriented around a dramatic centerpiece: a glass clown face inspired by George C. Tilyou’s iconic Coney Island Steeplechase Park gate strung from the ceiling as if a floating holographic amulet. Envisioned as a clairvoyant kaleidoscopic lens, the glass piece contains fragments from potential pasts and futures: hidden in the glass are the eroded borders of US territories in a hypothetical map of a post-climate change United States, superimposed with details of Kazimir Malevich’s “Suprematism: Self-Portrait in Two Dimensions” (1915), part of the Stedelijk’s collection. A video projected onto the gallery wall depicts the journeys of the monsters through the four seasons, culminating in the frozen scenes at the Stedelijk Museum,” writes the museum.

Tcherepnin’s approach to creating visual art is complemented by his background in music composition and performance. The practice is inherently collaborative, drawn from the artist’s network of art experts and musician friends. Their collaborative performances often take place within Tcherepnin’s installations.

“Stefan Tcherepnin: The Mad Masters,” the museum writes, “treats individual works as symbiotic elements that unfold temporally in relation to a core idea: like a musical composition, the exhibition functions as a total experience that goes beyond language.”

“Stefan Tcherepnin: The Mad Masters” will be on view through June 3, 2018, at the  Stedelijk Museum, Museumplein 10, 1071 DJ Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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