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Takesada Matsutani, Jaromír Novotný & Michel Verjux at Jean Brolly Gallery, Paris

“Circle 17-11-11,” 2017 by Takesada Matsutani, Vinyl glue, acrylic, graphite, on canvas, diam. 185 cm at Jean Brolly Gallery, Paris
(Courtesy of artist & Jean Brolly Gallery, Paris)

“A Question of Time” is an ongoing group exhibition featuring works that play with light, air and unsurprisingly, time, by Jaromi Novotny, Takesada Matsutani and Michel Verjux. The monochromatic exhibition is fascinating for the diverse practices each artist employs. The works will be on display at the Jean Brolly Gallery in Paris until June 2, 2018.

Takesada Matsutani is a Japanese contemporary mixed-media artist, born in 1937 in Osaka. His work uses a technique of blowing air into a lump of vinyl wood glue resulting in bulges, bubbles or drips. He then applies graphite pencil strokes on the bulge, creating unique shapes.

Matsutani started his artistic career with the art of Nihonga — a traditional Japanese practice, but became interested in Western contemporary art through self study. He had an interest in texture also which helped him create collages with a Surrealist touch. His work has been showcased in numerous solo exhibitions since 1962 in Japan and internationally.

Jaromir Novotný was born in 1974 in Cesky Brod, Czechoslovakia. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. His early work was inspired by architecture and it was created introverted and dark. Later, he became interested in different shades of black. He started painting on synthetic organza, which made his work lighter. The use of water and paint, use of stitches on the fabric and the presence of another material beneath the organza created a unique texture in his work. His work has been presented in various solo and group exhibitions throughout Europe.

Michel Verjux is a contemporary visual-spatial artist, poet and theoretician of French art, born in 1956 in Chalon-sur-Saone. He graduated from the National School of Fine Arts of Dijon in 1982. He is famous for projection of white light in the exhibition spaces. He uses light as a tool for enlightening and exploring the interrelationship with matter.

“Time in different aspects is at the heart of this exhibition: the very slow, internalized and melancholic works of Jaromir Novotný — the imperturbable natural forces set in motion by Takesada Matsutani, finally, the dazzling and brutal lightings of Michel Verjux. Another common point is the sobriety of the means used: no emphasis in the expression, just what it takes to awaken the beauty,” says the gallery.

“A Question of Time” will run through June 2, 2018, at Jean Brolly Gallery, 16 Rue de Montmorency, 75003 Paris, France.

For details, visit: http://admin.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/galerie-jean-brolly/overview

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek of the artworks.


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