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Ferenc Ficzek’s ‘Slicing Spheres’ at acb Gallery, Budapest

“Cím nélkül (Gömb)/Untitled (Sphere),” 1968-69, Ferenc Ficzek tus, nyomdafesték, spray, papír/ sprayed ink and printing ink on paper, 208 x 310 cm
(Photo credit: Tibor Varga-Somogyi. Courtesy of acb Gallery)

“Slicing Spheres” marks Ferenc Ficzek’s second solo exhibition at acb Gallery. The continuation of the series focusing on underexposed practices of the Hungarian neo-avant-garde generation is on display from through June 15, 2018.

Centering on Ficzek’s early geometric experimentations that produced a wide range of graphical works, paintings and enamel pieces, this exhibition traces his artistic practice. According to the gallery, the artist was influenced by painter and teacher Ferenc Lantos’ visual guidance and media influence who taught him and pointed out the possibilities offered by representation and spatial construction in his earlier pieces created. Ficzek thereafter initiated his works with the concept of the process of reduction and abstraction of natural motives to basic geometric forms. He quickly later shifted from two-dimensional representation of flat forms to three-dimensional ones, from circle to sphere and from plan to volume and space.

During his first experiments, Ficzek would place neon grids, geometric elements, perforated sheets as well as metalworking items on paper or cardboard, then spray them repeatedly with printing ink, while rearranging them on the working surface during the process. The final product is that of overlapping layers of negative prints of normally black-and-white graphic works. These unfold into compositions in color where the motif of the sphere, which is plain or cut in two horizontally, is paired by architectural elements that imply an almost surrealist spatial image. In order to study the structural properties through its sections, Ficzek clears the composition and reduces the area around it into an empty and neural background and hence isolating the sphere.

In the works during the artist’s early geometric period, spheres cut in two, four or more vertical slices eventually became the object of a dynamic structural examination. The slices here created the illusion of movement and depth in its juxtaposing manner. Ficzek’s interest in the use of light and projected shadow is achieved through the technique of spraying thus enhancing the impression of mass and volume through darker and lighter areas.

The focus to his conceptual photo series became seriality, then movement and its phases. He first started to study simple, everyday objects such as stool, a chair, a table or a door in approaching this seriality. Here the artist replaced paint and ink with light and shadow then later integrated movement through juxtaposing or even superimposing its phases to eventually create a dancing female body that led him to the moving image. This art acted as a conclusion to all the experiments worked during his practice.


This exhibition is on view through June 15, 2018, at acb Gallery, 1068 Budapest, Kiraly utca 76.

For details please visit: https://acbgaleria.hu/exhibitions/ferenc_ficzek_slicing_spheres.342.html?pageid=338

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the exhibition.


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