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“Machinal” at Almeida Theatre, London

A scene from the rehearsals
(Courtesy: Almeida Theatre)

“Machinal” will be on stage at Almeida Theatre, London.

The play is by Sophie Treadwell and directed by Natalie Abrahami. An excerpt form the play reads, “Your skin oughtn't to curl - ought it - when he just comes near you- ought it? That's wrong, ain't it? You don't get over that, do you - ever, do you or do you?”

Natalie Abrahami directs Sophie Treadwell’s masterpiece, a play about the city. A woman is restless. A woman is suffocating. A woman is silenced. The woman revolts.There will be talkback sessions with the members of Machinal company and captioned performances too on a couple of days.“Inspired by Sophie Treadwell, whose play Machinal was the only text out of 39 she wrote in her lifetime to be published, this Almeida Questions panel celebrates unsung literary heroines from the past, digs into their resounding absence in memory and looks ahead to a future where female stories and voices are not forgotten,” writes the Almeida Theatre website.

As per the website, there are various perks and benefits that can be availed like Islington First, which means if you live or work in the Islington area you can book best available seats subject to availability; Concessions, which means customers claiming Jobseekers allowance and students can book second-price band tickets for on specific days and time; Over 65s, which means customers who are 65 and over can book second-price-band tickets, but conditions apply; Under 30s, which enables customers aged 30 or under to book second-price-band tickets for a certain price and with TC; and minimum priced tickets can be availed by customers who are, 25 or under, on specific days with TC.

The play features Nathalie Armin, Emily Berrington, Khali Best, Denise Black, Demetri Goritsas, Andrew Lewis, Jonathan Livingstone, John Mackay, Alan Morrissey, Kirsty Rider, Augustina Seymour, and Dwane Walcott.The crew includes Writer Sophie Treadwell, Director Natalie Abrahami, Set Designer Miriam Buether, Costume Designer Alex Lowde, Choreographer Arthur Pita, Lighting person, Jack Knowles, Sound and Composition are by Ben and Max Ringham, Costume Supervision is by Jemima Penny, Casting is by Julia Horan CDG, Video by Robin Fisher, Voice Coach is Emma Woodvine, Fight Director is Jonathan Holby, Resident Director is Joseph Winters, Associate Lighting Designer is Jamie Platt, Assistant Costume Supervisor is Emma Keaveney Roys and Design Assistant is Joana Dias.

The play will be on stage from June 4, 2018 through July 21, 20 18 at Almeida St, London N1 1TA, UK

For details, visit: www.almeida.co.uk

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the play