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Spencer Tunick plans mass nude photo on Melbourne's Chapel Street

Spencer Tunick plans mass nude photo on Melbourne's Chapel Street
Photographer Spencer Tunick will return to Melbourne in July 2018 for another mass nude photoshoot. In 2001 he photographed a massive landscape of human bodies on Princes Bridge.
(Photograph: Getty Images)

World renowned artist-photographer Spencer Tunick, better known for staging famous mass nude photographs, will return to Melbourne in July for a series of new works, this time again with the idea is to engage masses into a nude dialogue. It was back in 2001 when the New York-based artist first visited Melbourne for the Fringe Festival. He photographed, a record then, 4500 naked participants posing for him along the banks of river Yarra. He will return in Chapel Street to engage thousands of people for yet another celebrated mass nude photograph, which will be included in the 'Return of the Nude,' collection that Tunick hopes will eventually remove the concept of depicting body as a "glorified celebrity". [Sydney Morning Herald]

Sydney Morning Herald quotes Spencer Tunick, “Chapel Street reminds me of the East Village in New York, Sunset Strip in Los Angeles and San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury but all combined into one juggernaut.”

Chapel Street is the city’s most famous street, which the world renowned artist, Spencer Tunick plans to fill up with naked people, over a period of two days in July, no matter the weather allows it or not. [News.com.au]

The Guardian quotes Chrissie Maus, marketing spokeswoman of Chapel Street, "If you're worried about the cold, don't be, because participants will not be naked for long periods of time.”

Tunick’s last visit to Australia was in 2001 for photographing thousands of people on the steps of Sydney Opera House. Tunick is looking forward to working with the citizens of Melbourne as he shares his successful past experience of the mass nude photo shoot at Melbourne’s Princes Bridge on a wet day in 2001. [News.com.au]  

The Guardian quotes Tunick on a video, released on Monday, "Almost 5000 people coming in the rain to want to be part of an artwork is phenomenal, people from Melbourne are a little braver because of their willingness to pose no matter the weather. I get a sense of resilience and risk-taking."

Tunick asked models over 18 and of "any shape, any size, any nationality, any ethnicity" to come and participate.

According to Tunick, "Of course, I'd like the 5000 people who already participated many years ago to register, but I think we also need new blood and new experiences.”


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