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Seoul-India Friendship Festival at Cyber Hub, Gurugram

Seoul-India Friendship Festival at Cyber Hub, Gurugram
Seoul-India Friendship Festival in Gurugram
(Courtesy: Kaizzen Communications)

The Seoul Metropolitan Government is organizing the first-ever Seoul-India Friendship Festival at Cyber Hub, Gurugram on the 8th and 9th of November 2017. The two-day festival aims to promote cultural ties and exchange between the two regions. It will showcase different aspects of Seoul’s art, culture and entertainment to enthrall the Indian audience.

While the Indian audience will have an opportunity to witness Korean cultural performances such as Taekwondo and Nanta, Korean delegates and guests will experience the best of Bollywood as an endeavor to encourage cultural exchange between the two countries.The festival is a chance for local people, including Korean expatriates in India, to experience Korean heritage & enjoy enchanting art performances by artists from both countries.

Seoul, the Capital of South Korea, a metropolis teeming with modern skyscrapers and high-tech subways, offers a fascinating fragment of the past at its World Heritage–listed sites. The city ranked as the favorite world city by Asian tourists has flourished to become the world's 10th most economically powerful city and the second-largest metropolitan in the last five decades.Speaking of the two-day Seoul-Indian Friendship Festival, Seoul Mayor Park, Won-soon, said, “Seoul has emerged to become an international tourist destination. It's a 24-hour city, with the right mix of nightlife, modern infrastructure, connectivity and religion offering travelers diversity in entertainment, heritage, art, and culture.”

Seoul is emerging to be an attractive tourist destination among Indians. The Indian outbound travel to South Korea is also increasing. The influx of Indian tourists to Seoul recorded in 2016 stood at 152,811 (source: Seoul open data plaza) and is expected to grow more. Seoul, an intersection between pop culture and Buddhism, offers an unadulterated tinge of adventure to international travelers with its authentic and diverse culture.