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Top Nine Places to Dine With Amazing Art in New York

Ousia serves Greek specialties, grilled seafood, cocktails, and Mediterranean wines.
(Courtesy: Pinterest)

TEFAF is widely revered as the world's leading fair for art, antiques, and design. The TEFAF New York Fall 2017 is about the complexities of the art world and it focuses on top quality with confidence.

As you head to New York for the fair, we bring you a list of the city's top places to dine with amazing art.

1. Bevy, 57th Street, New York

Bevy is the new restaurant in the Central Park South neighborhood to look out for. The dishes here are both elegant and rustic with the menu focused on grilled fish and meats. Dining rooms with earthy toned wood-paneled walls, ombre rugs, and antique backlit mirrors accentuate the centerpiece of the restaurant, a curved walnut stained bar. The vibrant space is accented by a one-of-a-kind light art sculpture casting a moving glow throughout the place.

2. Bilboquet, 60th Street, New York

Bilboquet is a perfect spot for a sitdown dinner. The lighting is just dark enough, and candles on tables illuminate the plush banquettes and post-modern art that adorn the walls. Along with the restaurant's classic French bistro fare, some of the more unexpected creations also await you. A crab-and-avocado dish is decked with bell peppers, adding a nice spice and crunch to contrast the creaminess of the avocado.

3. Casa Lever, Park Ave, New York

Manhattan's sophistication meets amazing Milanese classics at Casa Lever, the new midtown restaurant in New York. Timeless architecture and modern art set the stage for Italian classics, creative cocktails, and curated wines. The epitome of Milanese spirit, Casa Lever is where Manhattan goes for a taste of "La Dolce Vita."

4. Omar’s La Ranita, 9th Street, New York

Omar’s is a private dining members' club located alongside Omar's La Ranita, with membership drawn from the arts, advertising, publishing, finance, film, music, and other industries. Omar’s embodies elegant casual taste, a homely spirit, and a feeling of perfection. It is the benchmark for a new generation of private dining environments in the New York City and internationally.

5. Ousia, 57th Street, New York

Ousia brings a lively vibe to the Manhattan’s West Side neighborhood. Ousia’s Greek-focused Mediterranean cuisine brings the dynamic flavors and textures of land and sea to life on each plate and in every glass. Ousia means “essence” or “flavor,” and the restaurant is a welcome addition to the dining scene of New York City. Its homey yet sophisticated ambiance welcomes all to an equally approachable, up-and-coming residential neighborhood.

6. Fairfax, 4th Street, New York

Fairfax is a relaxed and cozy all-day cafe, wine bar, and restaurant serving seasonal fare in New York. The place is decorated with couches and communal tables — a first for Stulman — making it feel like a real living room or the tiny, Platonic ideal of a hotel lobby bar. Stulman and his wife, Gina, are avid furniture collectors, and they are using art-inspired pieces from their collection in the space.

7. The Modern, 53rd Street, New York

The Modern, overlooking MoMA's Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Sculpture Garden, features Chef Abram Bissell's refined, contemporary cooking in a beautifully bright and airy setting. The ever-evolving, seasonal menu is complemented by desserts from Pastry Chef Jiho Kim and an award-winning wine program led by Michaël Engelmann, Master Sommelier.

8. Vandal, Bowery, New York

Nestled on Bowery, the New York street that dates back to the 17th century, Vandal is the latest offering by Chef Chris Santos and the TAO Group. The restaurant celebrates the art, architecture, and food of global street culture from New York to Barcelona, Vietnam and beyond, as well as the history and culture of the restaurant’s Lower East Side location.

9. Wallsé, 11th Street, New York

Wallsé is a contemporary European restaurant offering a flawless integration between fine dining and fine art – a newly-found finesse in everything from the flavors to the service, art, and design. The minimalistic 20th-century artwork that adorns both restaurant rooms makes Wallsé the most tasteful corner in the West Village.

Click on the slideshow for a sneak peek at the restaurants.