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A Summer Nighttime
A Summer Nighttime

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In Shakespeare's classics of world literacy, four young people flee from the strict regulations of the Athenian court and find themselves again in the mystically charged shoals of a forest. They want to live out their forbidden love or not to listen to love they have listened to, and in their youthfulness they are completely convinced of their ideas. A rookie actor rehearses in the same forest and becomes tangled between being and appearance. And the inhabitants of the forest, the elves, goblins, and fairies, are delighted to spread their charms over this troop and thus create highly explosive confusion. To the sounds of Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy is a fine haunts, which dissolves all the certainties of thought and leads the young people into unfamiliar freedom, enticing chaos (anarchy?) And entangling loss of control: in this one night of intoxication the boundaries between reality blur and imagination, and unexpected seems to be possible, because nothing is here, as it seems …