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María De Buenos Aires
María De Buenos Aires

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The lyric poet Horacio Ferrer, born in Uruguay, was fascinated by the Tangos of the Argentine Astor Piazzolla, and the composer regarded the poetry of Ferrer as the counterpart to his own music: "You realize in poetry the same as I do in music. From now on we will compose together. "The result was the tango opera, premiered in Buenos Aires in 1968, in which the various tango styles of Piazzolla blend with classical forms and recount Ferrers Marías's way of life through the symbolic, highly-musical lyric. María's story begins in the suburbs and leads them into the cabarets and the brothels in their splendor, but their story also knows about their early death and their grave hidden under the asphalt. Piazzolla and Ferrer describe the different milieus and the glittering soul-states of Buenos Aires, which at the end of María's glorious rebirth.