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Belcourt Castle was the name Donald Tinney had given the home "Belcourt" that he and his family had purchased together in November of 1956. Harle Hanson Tinney made the painful decision to sell the home in November of 2012 and asked for the home to go back to the original name of "Belcourt" and not continue being known as "Belcourt Castle" for that was a name used during the Tinney family ownership. Harle Tinney was not selling a business but a home. The website, the phone number and the vibrant history of how the Tinney family prevented this "white elephant" from becoming a pile of dust, remains their personal story and did not accompany along any sale. Mrs. Tinney was not passing the family history of which she married into to anyone, for she retained the specific right to tell her story, her way. What one has to realize is there would be no "Belcourt" to even talk about now had it not been for Harle Tinneyଡte husband, Donald Tinney. It was he who made it possible for the home to still be here in this year of 2015, more than a hundred years after its creation. A member of the original Tinney family lived in the home up until its sale in 2012, which would be in the history of "Belcourt" mark the longest owner, that being of 56 years. Since its sale, numerous stories have been written, online blogs, opinions have been offered as to how "Belcourt Castle" was run, what it looked like, how it should have looked and various other comments. Funny at no time has Harle Tinney, a resident of that home from 1960 until it's sale in 2012: living there over 52 years, would never be contacted to offer her input. A living member of the original family, alive, fully able to speak, and provide a narrative, was never contacted. Is one supposed to then believe everything they read, is the truth? The answer that one will be offered is, no. There are always two sides to a story. The Tinney family had been graciously allowed after the efforts of Ruth, Harold, Aunt Nellie, Donald and Harle, by the City of Newport, to do a great service and earned the respect to do so, providing many facets to the community. Harle Tinney today is not involved in any of the changes taking place as many people have asked. There seems to be the thought that she is still involved, or she should be but the confusion is over, the answer to that is frankly and simply, no. Harle Tinney has not been asked as much as where a light switch might have been, etc. The Tinney family never tried to "restore" the home to any one period but "repurpose" this beautiful structure to suit a purpose that in the 1950's was applauded. The social media outlets of today didnॸist, no Instagram to share every time one broke a nail, no Facebook to tell the world, they didn't exist. Instead, a family trying to do the impossible on their own, no corporate entity in www.christianlouboutinsale.be the wings, but did the hard work, had the determination and the will to make it happen, MADE it happen. Thank you for the many, many pictures that are being shared with thousands of people that over 50 years, made it possible for this dream to happen. Harle Tinney is active today in the Newport Community, volunteer work, projects and teaching people about the real history of Newport, one that she has seen over the last 50 years. Hang on for the Tinney family made the magic then and it's not over. Thank you from the Friends of Belcourt Castle!  


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